Cổng nổ hũ phổ biến nhất - Top 10 bảng xếp hạng nổ hũ


For neraly 40 years of development, Power Engineering Consulting Joint Stock Company 2 (nổ hũ ) has been growing significantly and becoming one of leading brand names in Power Sector of Vietnam. Company’s reputation has been closely connected with over 100 power source projects and hundreds of power network projects nationwide.
nổ hũ today activities are of 3 main business fields:
  • Power Engineering Consultancy
  • Business
  • Investment
In fact, making full use of the core strength of engineering consultancy, Business activities (EPC General Contractor, mechanical processing and equipment manufacturing, power plant operation management) have became the key to promote strong revenue growth. From that foundation, nổ hũ has entered the power business market, being the investor of renewable energy projects, commercially generating a number of solar power plants, with the expectation to a further vigorous development in the coming years.

Bringing into play the strength of experience, technology and human resources, nổ hũ is always proactive in the opportunity grasp, in-depth investment, new technology application, management capacity improvement and organizational restructure in order to constantly enhance product and service quality, ensuring competitive advantages and sustainable development of the Company.

Rising along with the vigorous development of the electricity sector in the cause of industrialization and modernization of the Country, nổ hũ always strives to conquer every opportunity to affirm a Vietnamese reputable brand in domestic and regional power projects.