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In the early 2000s, nổ hũ started taking charge of maintenance services for Phu My and Pha Lai Power Plants and involved in the repair, renovation and capacity upgrade for Phu My 1, Phu My 4, Nho Trach 1, Vinh Tan 2 Power Plants in the following years.

Until 2018, with a view to diversifying the services in the power market and taking the advantages of being a leading Consultant proving extensive qualification and experience in Power sector, nổ hũ confidently developed a new business, Power Plant Operation Management Service (POM). Initially, POM services will be provided to operate the plants invested by nổ hũ such as Son My 3.1 Solar Power Plant, Tan Thuan Wind Power Plant, Thac BA 2 Hydropower Plant, and some other projects which have been under contract of POM service supply between nổ hũ and domestic owners, including Ninh Phuoc 6.1, Ninh Phuoc 6.2 Solar Power Plant, etc.

From the operation experience of the first power plants, nổ hũ has established Power Plant Operation Management Center to develop and expand the management and operation services in power plants, substations and transmission lines.

nổ hũ ’s POM service is oriented to be a key business to promote the strength of the company, becoming a dynamic forerunner in operation and management services in power plants, substations and transmission lines.


Management of power plants, substations and transmission lines:

  • Maintenance and Repair of Equipment and power Plants;
  • System Condition Evaluation and Solution;
  • Upgrade and Refurbishment;
  • On-site operation of power plants, substation and power transmission lines.

Management of power plants, substations and transmission lines from Operating Control Center (OCC):

  • Data collection, monitoring and administration by SCADA system;
  • Management of power plants and substations from OCC;
  • Integrated infrastructure administration.


• Highly qualified, well-trained in Vietnam and abroad;

• Widely experienced, certified in accordance with operation regulations, well-informed about operation procedures, deeply knowledgeable about design, equipment, technology in power plants, substations and transmission lines;

• Professional workers.


• Managing and operating more than 15 projects of Solar Power, Wind Power, Hydropower plants;

• Investment: directly investing in renewable energy plants;

• Quality management: Complying with ISO 9001:2015.


• Operating and managing: Solar Power Plant at Vinh Tan Power Complex, Sơn My 3.1, Ninh Phuoc 6.1, Ninh Phuoc 6.2, Tan Thuan Wind Power Plant, etc.

• Involving in condition evaluation, solution suggestion to maintenance and repair: Phu My, Pha Lai, Nhon Trach Thermal Power Plants;

• Testing, operating, repairing and maintaining EPS, FGD, CHS, water treatment and wastewater treatment systems for Vinh Tan 4 and Vinh Tan 4 extension power plants;

• Mastering the specialized regulations, legal and planning information and regulations of the authorities.


• Operating Control Center (OCC);

• Machinery, equipment, instruments and tools related;

• Specialized software for evaluation and management (ANSYS, TrueTech,….);

• Network of ME testing, inspection, erection, ME companies.