Cổng nổ hũ phổ biến nhất - Top 10 bảng xếp hạng nổ hũ





After over 37 years investigating power projects, Southern General Investigation Enterprise (SGIE) under nổ hũ has built up a qualified and seasoned workforce. Equipped with the modern and specialized facilities and national recognized laboratory (LAS), SGIE fully satisfies the ever-increasing quality requirements of investigation consultancy in Vietnam and abroad.


  • Topographical, geotechnical and hydrogeological surveys;
  • Tests of project quality, field tests and laboratory tests for physico-mechanical properties of structure, construction materials & Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC);
  • Foundation waterproof grouting and treatment of industrial & civil works;
  • Investigation and exploitation of construction materials;
  • Topographic and cadastral map survey, boundary marking, and preparation of alternatives of site compensation and clearance for power projects;
  • Deformation observation of civil and industrial works;
  • Bathymetric survey by echo sounding method and RTK station;
  • Monitoring and evaluating the sediment in water reservoir and water front;
  • Construction supervision of power and civil works;
  • Construction of power source projects, including mini hydropower plants and medium, low voltage transmission lines of 35kV and lower;
  • Construction of hydrologic gauge stations of 1, 2, 3 grades, water level gauge stations, water flow gauge stations, etc;
  • Construction of minihydro power plants;
  • Business in electrical, industrial & civil equipment;
  • Contruction and installation of solar power plants.


1. In topographical, geotechnical and hydrogeological investigations
The capability and quality of SGIE’s in-situ tests are highly appreciated by the specialists, consultants and investors in Vietnam and abroad.
  • Directional and column type of drilling in all terrains of hill, mountain, marsh, river and sea;
  • Maximum drill hole depth to 500m;
  • In situ geological test, including SPT, VST, CPT, DPT and test in adits;
  • Foundation treatment and bored pile treatment;
  • Deformation observation of civil works;
  • Topographic survey on ground, under water and in sea bed;
  • Cross tunnel, In-situ tests and extensometer tests in adits, which can be accomplished only by a few investigation companies in Vietnam.

2. Survey and construction supervision

The enterprise has built up a team of technicians and engineers with extensive experience in surveying and monitoring at 110kV, 220kV, and 500kV Substations.

3. Construction
The enterprise gradually expanded its activities with construction projects: Ninh Phuoc 6.1 & 6.2 Solar Power Plants; Vinh Tan Solar Power Plant; Son My Solar Power Plant and Construction of EME factory, nổ hũ Innovation Hub Building.

4. Foundation leakage treatment

Carried out foundation leakage treatment at various hydropower plant projects, such as Huong Dien, Buon Kuop, Dong Nai 3, 4, Dakmi 4, use of double – triple tube core drillers to get 100% stored sample in complex geologic strata, to 300m inclination drilling.

5. Innovative Equipment for projects

In addition to experienced technicians and engineers, the Enterprise always equips advanced equipment for the best quality of work, application of aerial technology, using unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV ) in aerial grid survey work.

6. Laboratory

Having been recognized by the Ministry of Construction to perform tests according to the LAS-XD332 standard, the Enterprise specializes in field tests, laboratory tests, construction quality testing, mechanical strength testing of concrete, roller compacted concrete and building materials.